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“Let’s Celebrate” 38 Years of Quality Early Education and Care!

The year 2017 marks Young World’s 38th year of providing quality education and care, and this school year is off to a fantastic start. If you look around Young World you will see happy faces on children and staff not to mention beautiful classrooms filled with developmentally appropriate materials. 

A huge Thank You goes out to the families of Young World for providing us with the privilege of teaching & caring for your precious children. An equally huge Thank You goes out to the Teachers of Young World.  Thank You to each and every one of you for all you do daily for the children and families of Young World!

Have you turned in all of your child’s paperwork:  enrollment forms, physical, etc?  If not, you must act promptly. As stated on page 20 of the Parent Handbook, Young World will implement suspension in the case of delinquent tuition, or incomplete enrollment forms (including physical/immunization records).

Young World will host a Family Night on Wednesday, October 18th from 6:15 – 7:15pm for ALL of the families of Young World. This is an opportunity for your child to show you around his/her classroom and introduce you to his/her friends. The evening also provides parents a chance to talk with the teaching staff in a relaxed environment.

We look forward to seeing you on that special night.

In hopes of starting our new year on the safest possible note, we urge you to be aware of a potential hazard: The property next door does not belong to Young World and we cannot assume responsibility or liability for injuries sustained there (as has happened to numerous children over the years). We ask that you discourage running and playing there; in the morning please hold your child’s hand until you are safely inside the building & please hold your child’s hand until you reach your vehicle at the end of the day. We encourage you to please arrange for play dates in safer locations. 


  • We ask that Parents please make the time to have their child USE the bathroom and wash their hands upon arrival.

  • Sneakers are the footwear of choice here at Young World (for comfort please remember socks too!).

  • Young World is a cell phone-free zone. As such, we ask that you please refrain from using your cell phone/technology du jour inside The Center.

  •  Please be sure your child, regardless of his/her age, has a COMPLETE set of extra clothes at Young World.

  • Please remember to call us whenever your child is going to be absent from school. If your child is ill please let us know the specifics of the illness, then we can tell you if anything similar is going around.

  • Changes to your child’s schedule need to be approved through the office and all requests need to be in writing in advance. 

  • Kindergarten and School-Age Parents, please be sure to call us whenever there is a change in your child’s schedule (your child stays home sick, your child is taking the bus to/from home instead of walking with us, etc.).

  • Adults signing children in and out of The Center is a regulation we are mandated to follow through The Department of Early Education and Care. Whoever drops-off or picks-up a child must sign their FULL name and indicate the time. Please help us to be in compliance by signing your full name each time you drop-off/pick-up your child. Please inform anyone who helps you with drop-off/pick-up to do the same. Please do not allow your child to write in the Sign-In/Sign-Out Books as they are considered legal documents. Thank You!

  • The White Mailboxes (located INSIDE the building) are for tuition payments and messages, paperwork, physicals, vacation requests, etc…) One mailbox is located in The Nursery School room and the other is located outside the office at the main entrance to the building. Please always leave tuition payments in these boxes. If no one is in the offices please leave any messages in the boxes as well –as things can get lost if they are simply left on the desks.

  • Please be aware that Young World closes at 5:30. We ask that you plan according and allocate enough time into your routine to be able to pick your child up and exit the Center by 5:30.

  • Last but not least, please remember “Safety First”…NO running on the hill next door please and thank you!

As always we thank you for your adherence to Young World policies!