August 26, 2003

Dear Holly,

As you know, Conor and Anna's last day will be this Friday, August 29, 2003.  Miles and I have been very happy with all of the different classes, teachers, and experiences that the kids have had over the years.  We have also been so grateful for your program's wonderful philosophy and curriculum.  It is a relief to see young children allowed to explore and learn at their own pace, rather than being pressured into academic tracks too early.  The staff seem so well organized, and the amount of planning and preparation they do seems extraordinary.  I have noted how low your staff turnover is, and I know that it is one sign of a very well run program.

While I considered giving thank you gifts to each of the kid's past and present teachers, I decided instead to enclose a check for you to share with all the teachers and assistants -maybe a special lunch, a new toy set for the classroom, something for the staff room, or even a round of drinks after work!  You certainly deserve it all.

Please feel free to put our name on your list of references.  Thank you again for all your good work