June 24, 2003

Dear Holly and Young World Staff,

Who could have believed that after 8 years this final day at Young World would arrive so quickly?  It seems like just yesterday we brought Alicia to Young World for after Kindergarten care.  This day has mixed emotions for all of us.  Rebecca is excited about moving ahead to Middle School, but Tony and I are sad to be leaving behind the Young World family.

Sometimes the word "THANK-YOU" seems so inadequate to truly express our gratitude and appreciation.  But due to lack of a better word, please accept our sincere "THANKS" for the excellent care, learning experiences and friendly environment you have given Rebecca and Alicia over these past 8 years.

We extend a special thank you to all the teachers who have directly touched and influenced Rebecca during her 7 years at Young World.  To Jill for making Rebecca's first group day care experience a rewarding and positive one.  Jill accepted those "once in a while" potty accidents better than we did.  To Gloria and Diane for their hard work in preparing Rebecca for Kindergarten.  She was very ready for the challenges of ABC's, reading and writing.  To Jess for that special friendship she had with Rebecca during those pre-school years.  Rebecca could not leave Young World without giving Jess a good-bye hug.  Or Sue, for the ability to keep a group stimulated, and make fun a priority after a half day of Kindergarten.  To Mona for her talents in making the after school program an exciting and fun class for all 5 age groups involved.  Rebecca's transition into the older group with her sister went smoothly, thanks to Mona's creativity.  Mona keeps this group entertained, motivated and challenged; a feat that deserves a gold medal.  From Alicia and continuing with Rebecca, we still know and believe Mona "knows all!"  We also appreciate the staff's interest in Rebecca's outside activities.  Jess gave Rebecca flowers after her first dance recital, and Mona has attended soccer games, 4th grade concerts and plays.  Whenever a staff member attends an outside function we sense the love and friendship that has formed between this teacher and student.

We also thank and appreciate the rest of the Young World staff who have directly or indirectly influenced Rebecca by their friendship and guidance.  The staff at Young World is a wonderful blend of dedicated teachers, assistants and helpers.  We appreciate you and everything you all have done to insure the safety and well being of our daughters.  When we picked up Rebecca at the end of the day, we may not have said thank you often enough, but we are truly grateful to all of you for teaching, respecting and befriending our children and us!  Alicia and Rebecca's lives have been positively rewarded and enriched by being a part of the Young World family!  For this, we can't say THANK-YOU enough to Young World and it's wonderful staff for being such an important part of the Z--------- family.  We will miss each and every one of you!

Love and Thanks,

Celine, Tony, Alicia, and especially Rebecca